Tuesday, October 16, 2007

NYCTV cable channel tacitly admits existence of G train

I just saw an episode of the Emmy Award-winning cable television program, Secrets of New York about the unknown underground mysteries that lay beneath the sidewalks of New York City. In a section about the abandoned City Hall station, an expert (whose name I unfortunately missed) said, "Every subway line, with the exception of the G, runs in Manhattan." (emphasis mine)

Is this an admission by NYCTV that the G train actually exists? Or that they merely subscribe to the theory that the G train actually exists? I do not know for certain, but I found the way it was surreptitiously slipped into the show to be very intriguing.
If anyone can provide the name of this expert, or a clip from the show, please contact me at legendofthegtrain@gmail.com.

Does the palatial and abandoned City Hall station hide the secret of the G train?

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