Saturday, November 10, 2007


In my search to uncover the legend of the G train, I have met many like-minded and well-meaning individuals who are also interested in the mysteries of this elusive train line. Almost all of them have had their own G train experiences which were catalysts to their own hunt for the truth. However, there are people who purposefully create G train hoaxes in order to discredit and defame the scientific pursuit to discover the G train. Beware! Know that a full 80-90 per cent of all G train spottings are, in fact, false. Most often, the spotter believes he or she has seen the G train, but there are a few out there who claim sightings with a more malicious intent.

"It was 3 AM on a Thursday morning, I was waiting for the Brooklyn-Bound at Chambers Street. Over the din of my iPod, I heard a louder hissing noise, and in the tunnel, I saw the headlights of an approaching train in the distance. The entire station filled with a thick fog, obscuring the approaching subway train, and it wasn't until it was upon me that I realized it was a G train! The cars rumbled through the station slowly, but did not stop, and I only thought to retrieve my cell phone to take a picture once it had already left the station." - Leo G., Brooklyn

Careful readers will realize that this entire story is a LIE! For one thing, the G train, if it does exist, only travels between the boroughs of Queens and Brooklyn in New York City, according to the MTA website. It would never travel past the Chambers Street station in Manhattan. For another thing, no realistic description is given of the G train in this story, i.e. number of cars, style of train, timbre of the approaching train rattle. More credible eyewitness sightings come with at least some account of the train, and it is the duty of every G train hunter to know these stories' commonalities in order to weed out the less credible and completely fabricated accounts.

"I was staking out the Greenpoint Ave. station in Brooklyn late one Saturday night, when, without warning, a G train came hurtling through the station at a terrific speed! The most incredible thing about it was that I heard no tell-tale clackety clack or other warning sounds that this train was on its way. It flew through the station and didn't stop, but I was able to get this snapshot to prove my account." - Anonymous

A passing G train?

This story is also very unlikely and is quite possibly fabricated for the purpose of discrediting the G train movement. For one thing, the Greenpoint Ave. station is solely for the G train. If a G train happened to arrive at the station, it would most certainly stop. Also, the claim that the train arrived with no advance warning is suspect, the G train is elusive but there is no evidence to suggest it is a ghost or otherwise extra-dimensional, and it should follow the rules of any other subway train. The most damning evidence is the picture, which, besides not showing the marked train designation or any other tell-tale markings, seems to be from the London Underground, where "Mind the Gap" is a regular slogan that warns riders to watch their step when entering and exiting the train. All G train hunters should have a casual knowledge of other subway lines around the world, so they can spot obvious inconsistencies like this one, and discount falsified accounts when possible.

While the search for the G train can be unrewarding at times, it is important to keep your spirits up and not allow fakers to sway you from your task. Be skeptical, be critical, and most importantly, be alert!


Pak-Kei Mak said...

Great hunt! I don't think G Train exists as well! That's what I always tell my friends out of their delusion.

lark said...

This is hilarious. Thanks for putting some humor into this otherwise incredibly frustrating aspect of my life!