Monday, October 15, 2007

G Train: Fact or Hoax?

The New York City subway is one of the most massive in the world, with over seven-hundred miles of track and over twenty separate subway lines. These lines are signified by their own color code and number or letter, the former detailing the general track on which they run and the latter detailing the specific kind of service they provide. For example, the red number 1 line in Manhattan is a local train, while the red numbers 2 and 3 in Manhattan run express.

The elusive G train staying almost out of frame, as usual

Every subway line in New York City spends some time in Manhattan, except for two: the little-known but well-documented shuttle S line that serves the Rockaway extension of the blue A train*, and the mythical and legendary G train that purportedly runs between the Smith/Ninth Street station in Brooklyn and the 71st Street/Continental Ave. station in Queens. I say purportedly because very few have ever seen this elusive train. Many people who have used the subway for their entire lives never encountered this train. Though the line shows up on New York City subway maps and is listed on signs as stopping in various stations, the reality of this train is in question, and there is a growing segment of the straphanging population of New York that believes this train does not exist.

The line upon which the G train supposedly runs

This blog will serve to verify all facts and dispel all myths surrounding the G train. If you have seen a G train, have pictures or video of a G train, or if you just want to discuss this fascinating and confounding legend, you are requested to send an e-mail to Please note that all correspondence and pictures may be used on this site, and your e-mail will not be published unless you request otherwise.

The best existing image of a G train; many G train hunters believe it to be a hoax

It is not the intention of the blog owner to confirm or deny the existence of the G train, but to create a running dialog with interested parties about this secretive subway line. If you have any information concerning the G train, please use the e-mail address above or comment on this blog.

*Yes, there is another S train that serves as a shuttle between Grand Central Terminal and Times Square, but that is irrelevant.


Sarah Lilley said...

I have always suspected that the G-train has an express stop in the Bermuda Triangle. Can anyone verify?

Rowan said...

what a funny site! i ride the G-train every day. it exists, with all its little quirks and irritations, and i have grown fond of it.